Have a show coming up? Want a new and very effective way of getting the word out? Adam Shapiro is now offering his services as videographer and editor to make you a well produced, 2-5 minute, promo video that can be uploaded easily to Facebook, Youtube, or any other website that allows video.


Already have performance footage of the show? Great! Adam can use that.


Don't already have footage? No problem! You can arrange for Adam to come film a rehearsal.


Releasing an album? Adam can easily integrate sound clips into the video.


His rates are reasonable and the work gets done quickly and efficiently. A performer himself, Adam knows how much work it takes to put a show together and how important it is to promote it, which is why he wants to help you put a promo video that makes your show look like the hottest thing to hit town this season.


A pictures is worth a thousand words...but a video can be worth a thousand pictures!